Economy Infographics and chart design elements vector

Free Download Data Report vector,A data model in geographic information systems is a mathematical construct for representing geographic objects or surfaces as data. For example, the vector data model represents geography as collections of points, lines, and polygons; the raster data model represent geography as cell matrixes that store numeric values; and the TIN data […]

Lessons to Learn from Professional Pitfalls In Design Business

We have all been there, we have all done that! An unsuccessful assignment and a failed project – every web designer and developer have experienced this at one point in their career or the other. For such projects that you would rather forget, there actually can be a lot of good that you can take […]

London Olympics Sport Silhouettes Vector Collection

Beautiful London Olympics Sport Silhouettes Vector Collection silhouette vectors.Gorgeous portrait of a woman to represent your exotic and dynamic personality,the perfect black & white and superb Sports Silhouette vector.It seems to be used more and more by companies these days and companies want people that can “create characters from silhouettes”View Source