Top 10 Web Design Trends To Rule 2013

Every New Year starts with new resolutions, predictions, and expectations. The ever-evolving technology seems to set new dimensions for the web designers in 2013 as it has been doing over the years. If a web designer doesn’t remain abreast with the latest technologies or the prevailing trends, less are the chances to win over large […]

The Best Uses for Photoshop in Web Design

Everybody and their mother knows what Photoshop is at this point. The massively popular Adobe software is used for photo editing and graphic design, but one of its most popular uses has become web design. Although it’s not possible to code with Photoshop, the software can play an integral role in both designing a site […]

Ideas and Considerations for Designing a Stylish Navigation Menu for a Website

Everything needs a change and only a different and out of the ordinary design can win the hearts that seeks distinction. The above mentioned statement can be solely attributed to navigation menu, which often falls first in the eyes of the visitors. View Source

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