A significant obstacle for many marketing departments for small businesses is finding enough money to fund this crucial department. However, if you do not market your business, it is difficult to gain any new leads and grow your company. It is the type of dilemma that many small businesses and startups face while trying to develop and get the business off the ground.

Nevertheless, it would help if you did not despair as there are numerous things that you can do and effectively market your enterprise, even with limited resources. Here are some four such tips to help you create marketing materials on a budget:

1) Use Free Vector Images

Vector images are the perfect addition to any marketing material given the fact that they can scale and fit any display or screen without losing quality. The best thing is that you dont need to have an internal graphic design team to churn out exciting vector images for your marketing department. There are plenty of free options available like 4Vector where you can get superb free patterns and images for your ad campaign. With these free vector images, it is time you get started with creating engaging, shareable content that will help you to advertise your business.

2) Take Advantage Of Youtube

The ideology that only truly revolutionary videos go viral on YouTube is a myth. The truth is that even some simple instructional videos may prove to be very popular across many audiences. Provided that you are sharing relevant expert knowledge within your business niche, you will likely find an audience for your content. Focus on providing your audience with informative and engaging videos, and you will soon notice that your viewership and subscriptions will start increasing drastically. Most importantly, you can shoot videos using your phone and still manage to get your marketing done effectively.

3) Become A Spokesperson For Your Business Industry

Once you have acknowledged the immense value that your business offers, you should consider sharing it further as part of growing your brand and marketing on a budget. Contact the national or local media to inform them that you are glad to offer quotes and insights for stories that are linked to your industry. Also, be proactive and respond to any trending industry topics, and even consider taking a more controversial stance. When you are more vocal about the events within your industry, you may be given a chance to talk at conferences, where you will build the credibility of your business and gain even more clients.

4) Engage In Content Marketing

The other significant yet cheap to create marketing material for business is engaging and informative content. However, it would help if you had a clear and strategic approach to your content marketing plan for great results. If you can generate top quality blogs or e-books, your audience will become more engaged with your online presence, even on social media, thus, making your brand more visible. That will create brand awareness, leads, and inquiries and this will finally lead to sales. Content marketing covers a wide range of tasks that range from blogging, infographics, social media, public relations and webinars, testimonials, email marketing, among others.

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