Getting a group of designers together to work on a project for your company can be a
fantastic opportunity for everyone involved. Not only does it allow the designers to show off
their talents, but as a business, you get to see fresh ideas that can help boost your
marketing game and brand development. However, while collaborations are great, there can
also be difficulties along the way, whether it’s a breakdown in communications or that your
team is finding it hard to send work to each other promptly. To help your design team
collaborate better, here are a few tips.

Break the Ice

If there are new people in the team or you’re using freelancers to help out with a project, the first thing you’ll need to do is break the ice. Schedule a meeting with everyone so they can all get to know one another, preferably face-to-face if this is possible. You can then all sit down and discuss the project in more detail and start establishing goals for the group and preliminary deadlines.

Give a Detailed Brief

If you want to see the best results, you need to provide your design team with a detailed brief of the project. Although it’s important to still allow them room to be creative, if you are too vague about what you want, you could end up with something that you’re unsatisfied with, which will be a waste of everybody’s time and your money. Encourage them to ask your further questions for clarity if necessary, so you all feel confident that you’re on the same page.

Allocate roles

Another thing you need to establish early on to avoid tensions and confusion is who is working in what role. For example, choose a team leader who will oversee the general management of the project, then have one person working on the layout, an illustrator, web design, or whatever type of role is relevant to the project they are working on. Having these set roles will mean each job is covered, and people will understand what their contribution is to the team.

Improve IT Networks

You might also want to think about how your business network will affect your team’s performance. Slow systems and applications can make your design team lose time but also struggle to communicate with each other effectively. Equally, if you’re teams are working remotely, they will need to access your network outside of the office, so a cloud computing system might be better for this purpose. If you want further advice on how you can improve your networks, speak to an IT support service and see what they can do for you.

Better Software

As well as having a fully functioning computer network in place, you should be looking at new and improved design software that your teams can use. This could enhance the result and give your team an edge on the competition because they are using the latest programs to create stunning graphics that will make your business brand look incredible.

If you want to help your design team work together more efficiently, think about the tips above and how they could improve collaborations.

  • Es un bardo el trabajo remoto… espero que se pueda trabajar en oficinas lo mas pronto posible

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