10 Commandments for New Logo Designers

Every profession has its own set of rules and graphic design is no different. It is an ever evolving field, however the basics remain the same. We have stressed the importance of following a few essential rules time and time again. New designers (specifically) cannot do without these and avoiding basic rules can lead to […]

Roadmap to Creativity

Being creative is a must-have attribute for any graphic designer that strives to survive in this field. It won’t matter how exceptional they are with graphic design tools if they lack the ability to be creative. Mediocre designs just won’t do in today’s competitive market! View Source

Build Your Brand Right

Building a brand can be compared to building muscle; both develop slowly and over time even with a strategic approach. If there is no plan, both will produce discouraging results. Building a brand is not easy and some get it wrong right from the start. Let’s focus on how to do it right, from the […]

10 Lessons Designers Can Learn from Kids

The world works in strange ways at times. Great ideas sometimes come from the most unimaginable of places in unimaginable ways. Take Archimedes for example. He submerged himself in a bathtub and instantly come up with an idea that redefined physics, a phenomenon that is known to this day as the Eureka Effect. While Archimedes […]