Awesome and Useful jQuery Image and JavaScript Slideshows and Content Sliders

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Best SEO Tools to improve search engine ranking

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30 Icons Set Vector Graphic

It’s massive freebie time again! We’ve rounded up a huge collection of Crystal Style Web icons Vectors in, you guessed it, vector format. These designs are simple, clean, and versatile. They’re easy to integrate into your next app, interface, blog, web design, or anything you have in the pipeline that needs to connect via social […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Use HTML5 Instead of Flash

The HTML5 vs Flash debate has been around for years now and the intense sword-slashing continues in an attempt to establish an obvious advantage over the other, at least in certain aspects. HTML 5 has a competitive edge over Flash in Web design, considering its versatility, functionality and usability and is cementing a permanent spot […]