Ecommerce is dependent upon photography more than anything else in the world to sell products and services. People rarely buy things without getting to see them first. Most customers would prefer buying products that function similarly as advertised. They even visualize how to use the products in their homes.

Most customers are determined to find out if product companies care about their reputation enough to offer well maintained products in consistent style. Photographs must be of high quality and present additional features. Here are four ways packshot photography by Kalory can impact ecommerce:

Top 4 Benefits of Photography in Ecommerce

1. Makes it Easy to Remember a Brand/Product

Research shows that compelling content with images often gets more consumer views than those without images. Just as visual learners, we remember content better if accompanied with images.

A study was conducted and it involved respondents reading content without any images. Three days later, the study found that the respondents could remember only 10% of the information they read.

A similar study was conducted but this time with content containing pictures. It was found that more than 60% of the information read could be remembered up to three days later.

What you remember becomes more familiar, a key factor in enabling customers choose a product brand over another.

2. Builds Consumer Trust

Decisions related to purchase are often based on consumer trust. The fact that consumers are able to trust their friends opinions is reassuring. Research has shown that most consumers trust word-of-mouth more than media advertisements.

Most customers believe it is an indication of products being high quality. Fans take brand personality seriously, the same way you trust what your friends say instead of a salesman.

People like to see real people they know convincing them about products theyve interacted with and used. For instance, many people shop for clothes only after seeing real consumers wearing them.

3. Effectively Advertises Products

Product images mean a lot to your business. The trust between the consumer and the company grows and strengthens due to heightened perception of risk. Customers get to buy products only after seeing whats on offer, leading to increased sales.

4. Photographs Can be Easily Shared

With visual content in place, it can be easily shared across different social medias platforms such as Facebook and Instagram hence more consumer views. With photographic content, creation of a community online can make it easy to sell your products. Social networks and social advertising promote growth in consumer content trends.


Technological advancements have spurred the growth of ecommerce photography, making it easily accessible to business owners. Mobile technology has done a lot in changing the face of ecommerce; you can browse different products using your mobile devices.

Google has also enabled internet users to search for more relevant product contents in a faster way. In the digital world today, transparency and authenticity have become critical to running successful businesses. You dont just get your expectations met, but also enjoy exceptional experiences through online shopping.

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