There are millions of websites and billions of pages listed on google. With this count, a company must learn how to make their brand stand out from all the rest. To become different, one must become unique. The goal here is not to become unique just to fit into the words definition, but to showcase what your company can do freely. Read below the five creative ways to become unique on the web.

Five Creative Ways to become Unique on the Web

Use these five ways to become creative on the web to the best of your advantage.

1-Custom Colors for your Company. There is a certain psychological belief behind every color. For companies, it is important to select a website color scheme that will do a great job to represent the brand itself and make a web visitor feel a certain way. Different color shades are known to create different moods. The best way to create that perfect color scheme for your website is to select 3 color shades and apply the same color scheme throughout the website. Every page must be with the same color scheme and we say this over and over again because some websites may have left at least 1 page with a different color scheme. A company must be professional and display the same color scheme on all pages.

Quick Trend Tip: A white background and vibrant colors are in style!

2-Website Div Classes. Add custom classes to your div elements to make your website internal script unique for your site. Creating a custom labeling name for each and every element of your site can do just the trick here. This is the best way to make your internal website script unique just for your company.

Quick Custom Div Example:

3-Become Active Social Media. Social media is a great way to grow another fan base outside of your website. The best part about social media is that you can be as free as you’d like and share anything on your mind. Social media is a place to showcase both business and personal interests. The more you share on social media, the more popularity you will gain on the web. You have the power create new trends on the web through social media!

Social Media Advice: Do not duplicate post! Always post new items,respond to comments, and create a daily posting schedule.

4-Create your own Media. Creating your own images and videos is a unique thing that you can do for your company. By creating your own media, you have the power to showcased and make it as relatable as possible to your brand. Creating your own items also means that no one else has them! You will be the only person using your own creations, so create endlessly!

Media Design Tip: Photoshop is one of the best tools out there that allows non professional to professional developers make amazing image creations!

5-Interactive Web Design. Creating an interactive web design is one of the most advanced things to do for your company! An interactive web design will allow the average web visitor to have a special part inside your website as they land on the homepage. Interactive web designs have recently become popular,but this is just the start of it all! Interactive web designs will get even more advanced in the future.

Interactive web designs have proven to increase the time frame that a regular website visitor stays on the page.

Interactive web design tip: Make sure that you design works on mobile devices!

What are the 3 types of web layouts?
1-Multi-page Layout. (Unlimited Optimization). The multi page web design is the standard way of design. The multi page web design is more of a horizontal view and the menu navigates from link to link.

2-One Page Layout. ( Great for mobile devices). The one page web design is the new most popular layout design. The one page design places all of the most important web pages all on one page. The one page layout navigates within its 1 page in an up and down movement.This design is great for a company showcase. The one page web design has some SEO flaws,but it is the ideal layout design for mobile devices.

3-Split Screen Layout. ( Recently Trending). The split screen design has a left and a right section divide. This new type of layout is accompanied with 2 contrasting colors.

As analyzed above, a creative web design is one that will stand out on the web and gain a fan base. Every company has a brand identity and they have the freedom to become as unique as possible to showcase what they can do through their website and social media accounts.


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