U.S. consumer confidence rose to 76.20 during May, and this represented a noticeable increase on the corresponding figures from March and April. Despite the fact that this also represents the highest rate of consumer confidence since October of 2012, however, it is clear that global economic uncertainty is continuing to trigger fluctuating levels of growth and spending.

The economic climate is posing a considerable challenge to independent online retailers, who are also preparing themselves for the impact of the impending online sales tax. With the prospect of reduced spending and the implementation of new tax legislation, e-commerce outlets must capitalize on every possible advantage if they are to compete in a shrinking market space.

How to Improve your E-Commerce Website

As with any e-commerce venture, the quality of your website will have a significant influence on your ability to win and retain custom. With this in mind, you should strive to optimize this aspect of your business and ensure that it is compatible with modern consumer demands. Consider the following steps towards developing a purposeful e-commerce website View Source

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