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Depositphotos is now one of the trusted microstock agencies available on the internet. The rapid development and the quality control of this website have result some compliments from the internet users. As its visitors and users keep increasing every day, Depositphotos has also increasing the quality of their content and information.

For Depositphotos, one of the ways to provide the latest and most up-to-date information is to have a blog. Depositphotos’ microstock blog not just provide news (usually related to special events), but also information about features update, special programs, promos, or tips.

The “weekly reviews” are the most periodic update that you will find in this blog. Indeed, Depositphotos always post their top keywords search and best seller of the week. By always updating these information, it is expected the information given can help both buyers and contributors. For buyers, the top keywords and best seller image will give them illustration of the best thing that they can get in this website. Meanwhile, for the contributors / sellers, these information are even more important because by reflecting into it, contributors can design their next arts to be as suitable as it can to the market’s need. It will also mean a raise in sale.

Best seller of the Week:

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Besides news that are displayed in the frontpage, on the left panel you can see some categories that you can choose. These categories will bring you to the related articles or news which have posted in this blog. One post could have more than one categoriy. The are many categories in this blog with some of them are “Announcements”, “Books”, “Contest”, until “Tips”. Please note that these categories mentioned above are totally different to the stock files categories in their website ( Although presented in the same left panel, the categories for stock files are located lower written “Photos by Category”, and it will directly take you to each image category display.

Other features which are also interesting in this blog are “Featured Seller”, “Photographer Promotion Program”, and “Special Offer for Bloggers”. In the first feature, the portfolio of the featured seller is available. Visitors can see their collection by clicking this link. The “Photographer Promotion Program” is very convenient for artists who want to sell images or photos in their own portfolio (outside this site) but have no time to upload it manually. By contacting the management of Depositphotos, they can help to re-upload and sell your works here. The last feature is also interesting. This offer will give every blogger or website owner to get free subscription with some requirements. For more information, you can visit their blog.


If you are interested with news, updates, and special programs related to Depositphotos, you can always check their official blog.

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