As per Amazons CEOs statement about branding, the brand your company has is what the people will say about you when you are not present in the room. Simply put, the way you utilize your brand is your ticket way to your business success or failure.

Many people think that branding is just all about the companys logo, name, and design. Kind of true but that would be shallow thinking since branding is more than those elements. Remember, branding is all of the ways you construct the image of your company in the public eye.

Since the modern era has come to light, so is the fast-changing trends in the business industry as well as the modernity of branding strategy. As of now, there is an ongoing discussion about the advantages of traditional branding versus modern branding. Want to know more about the 21st-century ways of current branding? Then hop on as we tackle this topic about business branding.

Traditional versus Modern Branding

We kept on talking about the differences between traditional and modern branding, but what are their differences? Simply speaking, traditional branding is all about the strong logo, mission statement, and catchy taglines to get your customers attention and establish a brand.

On the other hand, modern branding is focused on engaging with the customers through integrating messages into the brand, showing the story behind the company, and by being unique while engaging that provides a consistent message and voice. Discussed below will be the strategies of how a business with modern branding approaches the new generation of consumers.

Brand Story-Telling

Notice how the advertisements nowadays are getting catchier through creative short stories or video advertisements which makes you wonder what this ad was about? Only to find out it was some pharmacy promoting their store. Mr. Hilton, a co-founder of BrandHive, stated that brand owners need to think through what the brand stands for and where it came from. Additionally, the story should also be talking about the truth and promises of your brand.

Which is why, if you are out to advertise your business, make sure to create a great storyline wherein you can showcase your products and your business promised quality and services through story-telling to your customers.

Creating Connection

The way branding is established nowadays forms a connection between the business and its consumers. There are two levels of connecting with your customers: rational and emotional. Rational is through telling the right sides of your business that features the benefits and your products qualitywhich is really not a problem since this was always done correctly.

Whats crucial here is the emotional connection that you build with your customers, which most businesses are not good at making sure at. People respond to emotional elements as per what Mr. Hilton said, which is why to differentiate your business, you have to build a strong, personal, and deep-rooted bond around your target markets passion points. In this way, you can create a community that would patronize your products because they all share the same lifestyle, aesthetic sensibility, and taste.

Social Media

Interaction. The modern-day branding creates an almost symbiotic ecosystem of opportunities for interactions and reaching out to their customers. In this field, brands should be able to interact effectively with the variety of social media accesses that their target market is using. Did you know that recent studies suggested that 90 percent of media consumption takes place on screen, with 38 percent of that happening through the use of smartphones?

This means to say that tech-savvy advertisers are working towards an in-depth online experience. Many businesses have taken a storm in the internets social network services by creating creative remarks or pun about their products or interacting with the customers in social media through tweets and Facebook comments. With this strategy, high dynamic use of branding and marketing is produced making it personalized, making it extremely useful.


Ride the tide of the changing market through the strategies mentioned above. This does not mean to say that the era of traditional branding is long gone, with modern branding as its substitute. Instead, modern branding is what supports most businesses nowadays in approaching the new generation of consumers.

If the 20th century was the brand-media complex age, then the modern era is about the age of the creative network. Remember to use every nook and cranny of your business. Lets take the pharmacy business that was used as an example a while ago, think of what you could use to your advantage, may it be how you convey an emotional story of the merchandised medicines to the patients or how catchy your sign can be like the shield co medical signs. Whatever that may be, make sure to have it planned thoroughly.

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