In this syringe icon tutorial you will learn how to create Syringe icon with Adobe Illustrator CS5, there is new tips and techniques that will help creating objects with adobe illustrator. if you fried from the syringes this tutorial not for you :P, hope you find this tutorial useful ;).

Step 01

Create new file with size 800*600 and select Pixels unit.

step01 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 02 Drawing draft

Select the Ellipse Tool and hit left click on the stage and set the width:76px and height:40px then click OK.

step02 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 03

Now show the Smart Guides by press Ctrl+U, and select the selection tool, then press Alt+Shift and select the circle and drag to the top about -105px, you will notice that showing rounded gray box and green lines that’s appear when you show the smart guides, now duplicate this circle 5 times with the following specifics.

step03 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 04

in this step we need to resize the circles, select the circle2 from the bottom and copy this circle (Ctrl+C) then paste in place (Ctrl+F) then open the Transform Pallet (Window>Transform) and click on the (Constrain width and height proportions) and set the width:140px, do that with the circle5 and circle6 with the specifics shows here:

step04 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 05

Select first 4 circles from bottom, duplicate them (Ctrl+C) and paste in place (Ctrl+F) and move them to the bottom about 3 pixels, then hit right click Arrange > Send to Back to send them behind all the objects.

step05 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 06

Draw a Rectangle in bottom with width:31 and height:110px, then select the Pen Tool and add point on the bottom center of the rectangle. then select the direct selection tool and select this point and move it to bottom about 10px, the draw another rectangle with width:7px and height:120px.

step06 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 07

Duplicate rectangle and resize it as showing here:

step07 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 08

Duplicate the same shapes to the top, and then resize them by selection tools, then by the direct selection tool close the point to the circle.

step08 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 09

Draw a rectangle between the top small circles with 3px width, the scale and rotate the top circle as showing here:

step09 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 10 coloring

Select first circle from the bottom the lower one, and click on the gradient icon then click on the stroke and click on none icon, then select the gradient tool and set the specifications as following:

step10 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 11

now select all the lower circles and select the Eye dropper tool then click on the colored circle, to apply the same gradient to all selected circles.

step11 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 12

This time we want to color the upper circles, select the upper circle from the bottom then the Eye dropper tool the click on the lower circle, then select the Gradient tool and hover the cursor to the right Point that will show the rotation icon click and hold the left click and drag to the bottom to rotate the gradient.

step12 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 13

Do the same with upper circles.

step13 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 14

now apply the gradient to the rectangles below.

step14 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 15

Group the bottom part rectangles and circles by select them and press Ctrl+G, and set them behind all the object Press Shift+Ctrl+[ or right click Arrange>Send to back

step15 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 16

Apply the gradient to the upper rectangles, select the small rectangle and pick the Eye Dropper tool then click on the below small rectangle, do the same with larger rectangle.

step16 - Syringe Icon Tutorial



We need to create a mask to hide the bottom part of the upper rectangles, so duplicate the circle by select it and Ctrl+C + Ctrl+F then move it to the right, the select the top point and by the Direct selection tool and hit delete key, then select the Pen tool and points to complete the mask.

step17 - Syringe Icon Tutorial


Step 18

Move back the mask to the circle, then group the upper rectangles Ctrl+G then select this rectang