webHosting - Which Web Hosting is Suitable for Your Website ?

If we talk about the key components required by every website, one can hardly deny the fact that a reliable website hosting service is one of them. After creating a website , webmasters also needs to decide which hosting plan to use which will satisfy their requirements. Web hosts are just like computer systems which keep your data and files of your website running online smoothly. These computer systems are also known as web servers that offer assets and services like bandwidth, control panels, disk space along with other programs to effectively operate a website.

You will find different types of website hosting services provided by companies in the market. Reliable web hosts can be found however they come at a price. You can also opt for free hosts but needless to say they will have several limitations as far as bandwidth and disk space is concerned and how cn nyou forget those spammy ads. Frankly speaking, you get what you pay for so expecting free lunches, here free hosting which is reliable is out of the question.

Coming to paid hosting services, probably the most broadly used is what we know as shared hosting. This kind of hosting provides clients a server that is shared by many people. Webmasters share the server and assets for example web space, bandwidth, processors and softwares. 100s as well as 1000’s of people can be part of one shared web hosting server.

Among the advantages of shared web hosting is that it is among the least expensive. This really is crucial for webmasters who are new to internet marketing or website development and blogging. Infact its best to opt for shared hosting when you are new because your requirements won’t be that much so it is meaningless to shell out hundreds of dollars.

On the flip side of the coin, hosting that is shared also has a few disadvantages. Generally most websites don’t need to upgrade beyond shared hosting unless they have really high traffic or resource requirement. Even though this is paid still due to the fact that the server and assets are shared, you have limited access. If your website needs more resources than this, you should look at VPS or dedicated web hosting service.

In a stark comparison to shared hosting, dedicated hosting allots sole usage of the server and assets to simply one person. Further, the security level is also quite high. However, because the services and assets aren’t shared, dedicated hosts may also be very pricey not just when it comes to the cost from the plans available but additionally when it comes to management and maintenance for those who have minimal understanding about hosting.

  • I think it also depend upon how much traffic your blog is having and how much are you expecting, if you have a lot traffic then Dedicated Server would be compulsory for you.

  • Usually before I buy web hosting, I will ask how many online user can their server support at a certain time because i don’t want having my blog down especially when traffics at the peak.

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