Make Your Mobile Website Memorable

Launching a mobile website can be a difficult experience, but that shouldn’t keep you from making your site the best it can possibly be. You want people to remember your mobile website, not only for its appearance, but for its functionality and its efficiency. If you can create a mobile website that is special and useful for your readers or customers, you will make them loyal to you and your website, and therefore loyal to your business. These are two tips for making your mobile website as memorable as possible, keeping your customers coming back over and over.

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Improving Your AdSense Ads

For many eCommerce stores, incorporating AdSense ads can significantly increase revenue and traffic both to the site and to complimentary services. The changes in Panda have caused some significant problems with certain traffic generating strategies, but Google AdSense remains one of the best forms for advertising your eCommerce store. However, if you want to get your money’s worth out of your ads, you will want to remember the following things.

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Business Card Design Basics [Infographic]

We all know that business card is one of the most common tools in promoting one’s business. It can be a great marketing tool when used effectively. Your business cards carry the message you want to convey to your potential customers. That’s why it is important to be creative in the design of your business cards, because it will represent your business.

Here’s an infographic from Uprinting called “Business Card Design Basics”, that will help you to know what are the basic guidelines in designing your business cards. Start creating your powerful marketing tool today!

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Four Interactive and Inspiring Microsites

Have you ever logged onto a website and clicked through so many links that you get lost in the maze and never find what you need? It’s a common problem for many organizations. They have forgotten that less is more, and are losing customers because of it. Forcing your audience to sift through pages of pointless information to find what they need will only cause frustration. The last thing you want to do is create a site that people want to bypass altogether.

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Being one of the happy customers of 24hourprint, we would like to recommend their services to all the audiences reading out here. As we all know that there is tough competition rolling out in the online market. Everybody is struggling very hard to make an extra edge over the competitors. So is the case with printing service providers; we have worked with several companies, but never got such class of service and quick delivery when required. But no wonder 24hourprint just made it possible; they delivered the desired quality of the prints for our ad campaigns we wanted to use the next day at comparatively lesser prices we have paid earlier to the other printing service providers for overnight prints.

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4 Mind Numbingly Creative Billboard/Banner Ads

Banner/billboard ads have a tendency to be pretty boring when it comes to their design. If you live in an urban area, you probably see billboard and/or banner ads every single day and if so, you probably never really take much notice of them. This is because they usually don’t give you much to look at; instead, they just depict a boring product, special offer or service.
However, this isn’t the case for all banner ads, as some are actually extremely creative and well-designed. If you’re looking to create/design a billboard or banner for your company, you might want to take inspiration from the ads below. In my opinion, these are some of the most mind numbingly creative billboard/banner ads that have ever been produced.

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Beautiful Booklet Print Design For Inspirations

One of the most important aspects of any business is marketing which is applied through various methods; booklet printing is one of them. Catalogs, sales presentation and training manual are only a few important uses of any type of business. Catalogs are very common for businesses that offer a wide range of products and services where brochures simply cannot include all the needed information for the potential customers. Businesses that offer a specific line of products and services can use a printed sales presentation in a booklet form as an excellent way to inform their customers of top notch details. Training manuals are also very important in terms of keeping employees up to date with the latest details and information of the products and services.

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How To Improve The Bounce Rate of Your Site


Before you start to correct high bounce rates and tweak your design, you need to first start clearly defining what bounce rate means. A bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who click off before following any other links or progress further into the site. Users reach a landing page and either find what they were looking for or are not sufficiently encouraged to explore the site further. Bounce rates are one of the most talked about statistics on Google Analytics, but before you start diving into Analytics, make sure you refresh your skills by taking a look through this simple Analytics guide.

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Find the Latest Information about Depositphotos on Depositphotos Blog



Depositphotos is now one of the trusted microstock agencies available on the internet. The rapid development and the quality control of this website have result some compliments from the internet users. As its visitors and users keep increasing every day, Depositphotos has also increasing the quality of their content and information.

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