A logo speaks for your brand, and it is an identity of your company. In modern life, there are two ways to get a unique logo. First, hire a professional designer, which is reliable and also expensive. Second, create a logo by yourself, which is convenient and economical. Here, Ill share a brilliant online logo maker named DesignEvo to you.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker that is also available for iOS & Android devices. It is devoted to helping people create logos with a professional appearance easily. There is no download or registration required. So you can feel free to use it at any time with ease.

DesignEvo Features

First, 4,000+ well-designed template.

In order to inspire you and make it convenient for your design process, DesignEvo has prepared more than 4,000 logo templates with various categories to meet your needs. Enter a keyword on the front page, and it will show you correlative templates. Choose a favorite one, and you can start your logo design easily. Besides, all of the templates are fully customizable, so you can adjust every element of them at will and make it personal.

word image - Make Professional Logos Online with DesignEvo Logo Maker

Second, millions of vector icons.

Another way to make a logo with DesignEvo is to start with a proper icon. Enter into the editing page and search ideal icons freely. There is a list of popular keywords and save the search history to remind you what to search and what youve explored. All the icons are vector graphics and cover many more categories and styles to satisfy you.

Third, beautiful shapes and fonts.

As we all know, it needs some essential elements to design an effective logo. DesignEvo logo maker has prepared hundred of vector shapes and stylish fonts to decorate your logo design. To add a company named with an eye-catching font can be more useful for a qualified logo.

word image 1 - Make Professional Logos Online with DesignEvo Logo Maker

Finally, powerful editing tools.

In consideration of many novice users, DesignEvo logo maker develops handy and powerful editing tools to make it easy to create the logo. You can drag, rotate, reduce, magnify, change the color and effect, etc. You need to learn nothing but just move your mouse according to the direction words. Dont worry if you know nothing about logo design because DesignEvo has done everything for you.

After finishing a logo, preview it to check the logo on some different occasions and see if it is suitable. When you download it, choose the free package or the paid packages, and the latter two will give you much more features.


The logo plays an essential role in a business. Have a unique and qualified logo is the first step to stand out from the others. If you dont have much budget, work with DesignEvo logo maker, and it will give you what you want.

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